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The Veil...
Sophia Speaks

Sophia Speaks: The Veil's debut album. A ritual journey of haunting lyrics, evoking ancient Goddesses, exotic locales, fevered visions…

IndepenDisc Hosts New Online Radio Show
Gary V., of IndepenDisc, has recently created the IndepenDisc Radio Show, Wednesday nights from 10:00PM – Midnight (Eastern Time) , on Cygnus Radio. This is a chance for you to hear a variety of adventurous new music from a whole truckload of IndepenDisc artists. If you're like me - frustrated by the bland predictability and corporate sameness of conventional radio - mark your calendar and tune in! No registration is required to listen or chat.

New Customer!
Special thanks to Linnéa Rowlatt, for being the first to find our music on pagan distributor Serpentine Music's website. We're also available for electronic download through iTunes.

More Airplay for Sophia Speaks
DJ George Maida (The Electric Croude, Saturday nights at midnight on WCVE-FM, 88.9 in Richmond, Virginia) writes The Veil with this note:
"I'm celebrating the first full weekend of Autumn and The Veil takes a place of honor on the show with My Heart is Like a Lion [from debut album Sophia Speaks]....I've segued from a clip of Aragorn speaking with Eowyn during her sword practice. ....I love this music. Happy Third Season!"
Thanks for the airplay, George!

DJ Jeff Robinson, at WMBR 88.1 in Cambridge, Massachusetts is debuting his new radio show "Poetry Jam" (formerly entitled "Behind the Beat") this Wednesday from 8-10pm EST. Jeff is the Spoken Word representative on the station. He's set up a Yahoo Group for this show, and writes our poet, Margarita: "The group will announce radio guest and other activity for the show. I also want to use the group to network and find potential phone interview talent for the show. If you want to join the group click here.

"What a disc! I took it home to listen last night
and all I can say is wow. A musical tour de force!
Having recently produced a friend's CD I appreciate
the superlative engineering and production and writing."

- George Maida (WCVE 88.9FM, Richmond VA)


Obscure Eclecticism Rules
We're proud to announce that The Veil's single Fever Vision was played on WCVE-FM 88.9 in Richmond, Virginia next Saturday night, August 16th. DJ (or "on-air personality" as they like to be known nowadays) George Maida contacted us after receiving the new compilation album Oasis Alternative No.23. Oasis (free plug here) is the company we chose to manufacture our album, and I'd recommend them to anyone - their service is fast, friendly and there's always someone there to answer the phone if you have a question. And, we've been completely satisfied with the quality of our cds as well as the package printing. George played our track as well as 11 others on his show The Electric Croude, starting at midnight. Hmm, why is it our music seems to be favored by DJs (lord love 'em) whose shift start in the wee hours? Maybe we appeal to insomniacs.

By the way, I think I've figured out what Alternative Rock is after listening to the 77 tracks on the Oasis compilation. Ok, follow me here: There are no "Rock" stations anymore. You've got your Classic Rock, which plays what I was listening to in high school and college. You can't get airplay on those stations unless you happen to be Aerosmith or The Scorpions or some other band that is now considered Classic Rock. That leaves the Alternative Rock stations, which apparently play everything else. Is it rock? Who knows. But the tracks on the Alternative CD range from folk rock to modern rock to progressive to metal.

More Shameless Plugging
Speaking of compilations and the new (it's still new, darnit!) album Sophia Speaks by The Veil, if you don't have your own copy yet now would be a great time to buy one from They will be issuing a compilation CD of their own consisting of the best-selling bands from their site, to be given free to every customer until they run out. We'd love to be on it, so visit our page on CDBaby and buy a copy of Sophia Speaks. Thank you for your support.

We're proud to add Earth Tones Studios to our roster of online merchants. Check out their site for a wide variety of pagan music and merchandise.

Special thanks to Kutay Derin Kugay for playing Star of India on KPFA's Music of the World, one of our very favorite programs.

Billy likes us! Thanks Billy Steel of 107.7 The Bone in San Francisco for a favorable review.

We're proud to be carried now by Harmony Ridge Music, a fine online store dedicated to female singer-songwriters. Harmony Ridge also stocks hundreds of other intriguing, exotic albums.



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