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The Veil...
Sophia Speaks


Sophia Speaks by The Veil
©2002 The Veil, all rights reserved

1. Sophia Speaks (A Translation)
l am Sophia, hear me
l will take you where you've never been
l will curl around you like a snake in love
l will be your sacrifice

You will lust for my heat of life
l will satisfy your every need
l will pull you out from inside yourself
l will be the soul you can't resist

You will hunger and be satisfied
l will be the spark that moves your lips
You will stand taller even than the clouds
And become more fully what you truly are

l will slay the god that l brought forth
l will seal their lips who would speak his name
l will crush their clay back into dust
l will take his thought and it will be lost

Never again will l leave the Earth
Never again will the false one lead
He has shown the way to a dreadful ruin
He has raised the temples that drip in blood

He has brought the sword in his own name
No longer can my tongue be stayed
From this day forth
you have my vow
My everlasting troth

l will bring my flesh to you
You will live inside my hope
Take my symbol from this day forth
Of my never ending promise

l will be where your eyes look
l will be there when they're resting
l will be your shade in the wasteland
None but me will fill your chalice
l will be your light and air and water
Come with me and begin again
l am Sophia: know me

Margarita: lyrics, vocals
Deirdre: vocals, doumbek, ashiko, riq
Mark: mandocello, bass, acoustic and electric guitar
with Cat Taylor: electric violin, zagarit

2. The Cauldron
He looks into the Cauldron's
silent liquid face
and draws the meaning out
He sees the eyes of her mortal lover
feels the pain escape
as he pulls the dagger out
He takes her by the waist
as she circles by
dancing around his heart
He looks after her in the dark night
lights a candle
but the mistral blows it out
He sends a prayer
by the crescent moon
silhouetting branches against the sky
He makes an offering pyre of oak leaves
he adds spice to the torch
he circles to make the point
All in white, her body shining
rising from the silver lake
her eyes iridescent glow
New as the earth in springtime
New as fresh white snow
All the women he'll ever know
Ever closer to his restless passion
she closes around him
and enters him like smoke
Now forever in his Cauldron
where he looks when he's alone
her eyes glow iridescent
her body forms his thought
she is his Sibyl
she is his alone

Margarita: lyrics, vocals
Deirdre: bodhr‡n
Mark: acoustic and electric guitars, bass, klong ya,
mandola, guitar synth
with Cat Taylor: electric violin

3. My Heart is a Lion
Like an eagle poised in the seamless blue
with a single focus on what he must do:
like a Masai warrior on the plains below
lets the instinct guide him where he should go

My heart is a lion
with the inborn will to fight
My heart is a runner
with the future in its sight
My heart is Orion
star-eyed hunter of the night

With sparkling beads we string our days
and wear the past like a golden chain
then let the links become a vest
from the memories that we love best
and meet the future just around the bend
like an unexpected new-found friend.

My heart...

We're made of dreams, and myths and love
Divine inside, stardust gathered from above
lf a drop of dew can bend the blade
then we are more than we were made.
lf the unseen wind can carve a stone
what can we do with flesh and bone?
lf the moon in space can bend the tide
then why on Earth do we need a guide, when...

The heart is a lion
with the inborn will to fight
The heart is a runner
with the future in its sight
The heart is Orion
star-eyed hunter of the night

Margarita: lyrics
Deirdre: vocals
Mark: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, vocals
with Scott lrwin: drums
and Cat Taylor: electric violin

4. Beggar Man
The Beggar Man is happy
with every scrap of love he finds.
Not sure that he's entitled,
so he hopes that love is blind.
He's battered by the thought
that life is passing him by.
lt's the good will of his friends
that gives him strength inside.

Beggar Man, Holy Man, Thief
all of them inside my heart
but each one incomplete.
Counting on each other
to make it turn out right,
Beggar Man, Holy Man and Thief

The Thief is boldly confident,
stealing hearts away.
He's not afraid of anything,
and he always gets his way.

He gets his power from the night,
there's nothing else he needs.
He believes in his own magic
and he knows he will succeed.

But the Holy Man is balanced
between arrogance and fear
Seeking greater meaning,
listening with a third ear.

Beggar Man, Holy Man, Thief...

Margarita: lyrics
Deirdre: vocals, drums, ashiko
Mark: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, bass, electric sitar

5. Fever Vision
The night turned electric.
There was rain-smell in the air.
Lightning striking
around me everywhere.

Somewhere in the distance
l heard a banshee scream.
Then you appeared before me -
a silhouetted dream.

lnside this fever vision
l burn like endless flame.
l burn for you to ashes
and l don't even know your name.
fever, fever, fever...fever vision.

My pulse beat was a hammer
driving pain into my brain.
Turning skyward,
l prayed to taste the rain.

Then you were beside me
and your eyes became a stream
and my burning lips were cooled
and your face was lost in steam.

lnside this fever vision...

The dreamer and awakened
have no limits, have no fear.
Their armor is their vision;
their sight is always clear.
The darkness of the evening
began to stretch and crack.

l felt the fever
was starting to turn back.
Still you were beside me
no longer just a dream.
A silhouetted lover
in the new sun's gleam.

lnside this Fever Vision
l burn like endless flame.
l burn for you to ashes
and now l even know your name.
Fever, fever, fever...fever Vision.

Margarita: lyrics, vocals, synthesizer
Deirdre: vocals, moroccan bongos, various percussion
Mark: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, vocals
with Scott lrwin: drums
with Colin Farish: synthesizer

6. The Star Of lndia
l heard about a vessel
just right for me and you
with exotic destinations
and a bit of danger, too.

Dreams we could imagine
would be waiting to come true.
So l booked the passage
and prepared for Xanadu.

The Star of lndia
is sailing with the tide.
The Star of lndia
won't wait 'til you decide.

There's no time to lose.
You said you'd like to try it
but you had some things to do.
So you stayed with some companions
just to lift a glass or two.

And then the twilight darkened
and the moon became quite full
and the ship's horn was blasting
and the ropes began to pull.

The Star of lndia...

The ship stops only rarely
and its stay is very short.
You've got to climb aboard it
when you see it in your port.

l watched the empty pier
while the boat got under way.
Still, l kept on hoping
somehow you'd find your way.

But the crooked streets delayed you
as you moved from shop to shop.
With the glitter and the dazzle
l guess you couldn't stop.

The Star of lndia...

Margarita: lyrics
Deirdre: vocals, doumbek
Mark: vocals, acoustic guitars, bass, electric sitar
with Scott lrwin: drums

7. A Single Note
l went to sleep as human
but l awoke beneath the earth
deep inside a half-domed cave
awaiting my rebirth

As a spring l made my way
through the soil l bubbled forth
as a lake l appeared
filling a wider course

Leaping out of the ground
with the strength to wake the dead
gathering up the ancient voices
a choir released from my head

The beasts in the forest came calling
to sip of my fathomless wine
at the edge of the lake like children
in a careless unbroken line

l waited through spring and summer
but still the men wouldn't come
unwilling to shade in my wisdom
though their flesh burned in the sun

Afraid they waited in doorways
moving neither in nor out
deprived of their salvation
their spirits entombed in doubt

Through the changes and the Fall
and words like leaves that covered me
l kept my nature clear and strong
and waited patiently

Sometimes l lay frozen
under thick folds of ice
but l waited for the daughters
who would one day give me life

And so it was for centuries
while dark ages held the day
the earth above was ravaged
and barbarians had their way

But seasons come and seasons go
l feel the ice groan and strain
father seeking the Mother
who can philter his poison rain

l feel that spring now surely comes
l hear my voice in a youthful throat
and taken up like a warrior's cry
a symphony grows from a single note

Margarita: lyrics, vocals
Deirdre: vocals, doumbek, riq
Mark: mandocello, bass, plectrum banjo, electric guitar
mandola, electric sitar, synthesizer

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Justin Weis at Trakworx, between October 1999 and June 2002.
Produced by The Veil and Justin Weis
Special Thanks to our Executive Producers: Rich Slevin and Andrew Ungar
Graphics and photography: Deirdre McCarthy, StarDrive Graphics -
Additional Special Thanks to:
The musicians who helped us on this journey, Cat Taylor, Scott Irwin, Colin Farish and Kai Eckhardt. Also thanks to Beth McCarthy,Casey Casebeer (for teaching me rounds -d), and Peggy Lee.


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